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About UK2

At UK2, we help you make the web your own. We can find you a web address that’s as singular as a signature, we’ll help you design a one-of-a-kind website, and we’ll get the finished product live, for life.

Based in the heart of start-up territory in Shoreditch, London, UK2.net is Britain’s local web hosting company. But we’re also part of the UK2 Group, which has hosting brands in America, so we’ve got international clout, too.

Our timeline stretches back almost 2 decades. As veterans of the industry, we know web hosting inside out.

Since we started, our customers have trusted us to sell them more than a million website addresses - aka domain names. Plus, people have come to us from more than 200 worldwide destinations for our cutting-edge services.

Customer Promise

No Hidden Charges

We keep the cost of our products as upfront as if they had price tags. Can’t see the numbers you need? Visit our price list.

No Worries Warranty

If you’re not happy with our hosting services, we’ll give you your money back†.

†Must be cancelled within 30 days, and excludes domain name(s)

Friendly Expert Support

Our team of open ears is available 24 hours a day.

Jargon-Free Guidance

We won’t confuse you with techie terms. Our website is written in plain English, but you can find links to detailed specs when you need them.