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A 16 year old family

ServerPoint.com is a pioneer in the industry, having been founded before the Internet revolution. Founded in 1998 Serving tens of thousands of happy customers for almost two decades.

Our family started in the mid-1990s as developers of software for the "web", something that was relatively unknown back then.

But we knew right from the start that the Internet would change everything.

As we needed servers to host the applications we developed for our clients, the idea of a developer friendly hosting service was born.

But we wanted to be different. Better. And thus, the entire infrastructure of ServerPoint was designed in-house. We didn't just grab off the shelf components to build it, we built it all for flexibility, ease of use and performance.

And here we are today. Hosting tens of thousands of small and large clients from around the world, from personal blogs running WordPress to clients running complex infrastructures on hundreds of servers.

A premier infrastructure provider

We run the infrastructure that powers some of the web's other hosting companies and brands.

Large social websites, such as the popular Houzz.com, use our large infrastructure services to host their websites. With over 400 servers at ServerPoint, Houzz hosts tens of millions of photos and a large database clusters to hold information for its millions of users.
The truth is, there only a handful of network and server infrastructure providers around the world. The thousands of web hosting companies that exist today are actually powered by companies like us.

At ServerPoint, we run our own network and our own servers. We do not simply outsource this to another company and we are not resellers of another company.

When you need cloud virtual machines and bare metal servers to run your web site or hosting service, come to ServerPoint and get your services from the source.

Our network

Fully redundant, powered by some of the largest backbone providers in the world.

For almost two decades, our network has evolved into one of the most reliable that any player in the industry can provide. With a capacity of over 100 gigabits per second, ServerPoint is ready to handle any kind of Internet traffic your web site may need. bgp4 powered network with level3, cogent and zayo

ServerPoint's custom built platform.

Developed in-house to easily manage all of your cloud needs. web hosting client portal

Advanced. Easy. Beautiful. No computer science degree is required.

We are not the typical webhost. We have built a client portal that is far easier to use, yet designed for our unique distributed infrastructure.

We built our control panel to manage our entire platform, including email server clusters, web accelerators, app installers, and more.

Manage your apps, such as WordPress, email, databases and more from within just one easy interface. Deploy bare metal servers and virtual machines for your large projects. All from within one platform.