Hostweb.com was founded in April 1996.

We at HostWeb.com strive to bring you all of the web hosting companies to your fingertips. In addition, we have added a few pages on what a hosting provider is, how to choose a name for your web site, a short list of different hosting types, and tips on how to choose the right plan for your needs.

One of the big questions we receive is "how do we make money doing this for free"? Most of the providers in our list give us a commission whenever you sign up for one of their plans. Conflict of Interest? NO! The comments and ratings are done by YOU. We do not add, edit or remove ratings or comments you leave unless it is just downright nasty, vulgur or mean. If such is the case, we will remove or block out the comment, but leave the rating as is. So be sure you click on a link to go to the provider so we can keep this site running.

Also, in addition to the above, the advertisments you see throughout our site are also a way of us making enough money to keep this site going. So if you see anything that interests you, please remember to click on the link.