Choosing A Domain Name

A Web Host provides your internet site with internet access through a system called a server. A Web Hosting company may have many servers to hold many gigabytes of information. Your host company probably will utilize a large internet feed to allow faster processing and accessibility. Essentially your Web Host is renting out space to you so your web site can be accessed on the world wide web.

Web Host’s may own their own servers or rent a server from a web hosting company and then resell the space under their own company name. Either way your web host will be managing your web site connection to ensure that it has security and back up power.

There are thousands of web hosting companies. To help you choose one here is some basic information that you should be familiar with. First, is the type of server the company you are thinking of going with has. Some companies have very complex software for large sites and more complex database functions. Depending on what your program is running will help determine what type of server functions and programs you will need. Second, you will want to know how much disk space you will have. Disk space is the amount of actual space available to you for storing your web site information on the web server hard drive. Third, You will want to know how much bandwith the company is using to access the internet. Bandwith is a measure of how much transfer is available. Large internet search sites needs to utilize a very large amount of bandwith to run properly and quickly. Forth, you will want to ask how many email accounts you will be allowed to have with the web hosting company.